Hat for Preemie Boy

Since I’ve made three bonnets, I wanted to make a different hat – preferably one more specifically designed for a boy.  I found a cute pattern that I decided to use.  Here’s the link:


The pattern is for a 6-7 year-old boy, so I reduced the pattern by 37% for a preemie size.  The pattern starts with rectangles and an octagon and then trims some curves.  Since I’m working with stretchy lace and slippery taffeta, I decided to cut the patterns out of paper instead of trying to mark on fabric and cut.

Pieces for Preemie Boy Hat

Pieces for Preemie Boy Hat

I sewed the brim first.  The “outer layer” was lace lined with taffeta, and the “back layer” was another layer of taffeta with stiff sew-on interfacing sewed to it.  Below is the first attempt at the brim:



The curved edges were too square, so I ripped out the topstitching and curved those some more.  Also, the flat edge needed to be curved in more to make the brim hang properly so I adjusted that.

From there, I continued to follow the directions on the link – sewed the bands (which I lined with light/medium fusible interfacing) and then made and attached the main body of the hat.

Here’s the finished hat:

Dress Project 042713 003

Finished Preemie Boy Hat


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